7 Benefits of Having a Good Credit Score

7 Benefits of Having a Good Credit Score

December 4, 2023

People with exceptional credit scores are often regarded as prime candidates for borrowing due to their extensive track record across various accounts, demonstrating their consistent ability to repay debts promptly and completely. This creditworthiness opens up a range of financial opportunities for those with a good credit score. 

That’s why it’s important to keep your credit scores high. A favorable credit score, typically categorized as 700 or higher on the FICO Score scale, has various advantages. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the benefits of having a good credit score.


Here are the benefits of having a good credit score:


1. Better rates on car insurance

To get more competitive car insurance rates, certain insurance providers might factor in your credit score during the application process. Your credit reports play a role in determining your eligibility for coverage and the premiums you'll be charged. Beyond the initial application, these carriers could periodically review your credit to assess whether to increase your rates or potentially decline your policy renewal altogether.


2. Better housing options

Landlords often check your credit history when you apply to rent a place. A lower score might hinder your rental application or result in a higher deposit for a house or apartment. Moreover, a good credit score can smooth the process of getting a mortgage for a house and snagging a lower interest rate.


3. Better credit card rewards

The best credit card rewards often go to people with high credit scores. Just like getting a loan for a house or a car, credit card companies look at your score to decide which cards you can get. They even send special offers based on how good your score is. The coolest rewards, such as lots of travel points or cash back, usually go to folks with really good credit.


4. Pay less interest on credit cards

When you ask for a credit card, the company looks at your credit. If they say yes, having good credit could mean paying less interest. The better your credit, the better your chances of getting a lower interest rate. Credit card companies often reserve their best rates for customers with high credit scores.


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5. Get more credit and bigger loans

When your credit is good, you might not only pay less interest on credit cards but also get approved for higher spending limits. Good credit can also lead to getting larger loans from banks. Lenders might trust you more with a good credit score, so they could offer you more money when you need it.


6. Skip security deposits for utilities

When you sign up for things like internet, cable, or satellite TV, those companies might look at your credit to see how risky it is to have you as a customer. If your credit history isn't solid, they might ask for a big deposit before giving you service or loaning you stuff like routers, satellite dishes, or cable boxes.


7. Improves your chances at job applications

Employers often check credit scores to spot any warning signs like bankruptcies or missed payments. They do this to judge if someone might be unreliable or irresponsible. Some companies worry that a low score might affect how well you do certain tasks for the job. But if your score is good, it shows you're responsible with money and organized in handling finances.

In conclusion, maintaining a strong credit score isn't just about financial transactions. It's a gateway to a better financial future. From better rates on insurance to improved housing choices, enticing credit card rewards, and reduced interest payments, good credit opens doors to various opportunities.