5 Helpful Driving Apps That Are Free to Use

5 Helpful Driving Apps That Are Free to Use

June 26, 2024

Driving in Canada can be both a rewarding and challenging experience, with vast landscapes, varying weather conditions, and bustling city streets. Thankfully, technology can make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most helpful driving apps that are free to use in Canada. These apps offer a range of features from navigation and traffic updates to finding the best fuel prices and parking spots, all designed to enhance your driving experience and ensure you reach your destination safely and efficiently.

Here are some of the driving apps that you can use for free:

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is a fantastic app with many features beyond just navigation. Here are some useful tips to make the most of it:

  • Download areas for offline navigation: Save maps when you're connected to Wi-Fi so you can navigate without an internet connection.

  • Find and save parking spots: Easily locate and save your parking location.

  • Check your speed: Monitor your speed while driving.

  • Pin and manage trips: Organize and keep track of your trips within the app.

  • Use voice commands: Utilize voice commands for hands-free operation.


2. GasBuddy 

GasBuddy is a handy app that helps you find the cheapest gas prices along your route. It makes saving money on fuel easy by letting you search for gas stations with the best prices. You can filter your search by price, location, brand, and amenities like restaurants, car washes, and ATMs. 

Other useful features include a gas price map, trip cost calculator, and fuel logbook. Though it might not seem like much, those few cents per liter can add up, helping you save a significant amount over time by using this app regularly.


3. Find My Car

If you often find yourself wandering around parking lots looking for your car, Find My Car is the app for you. This free driving app uses your device's GPS to mark and locate your car's position. It's very easy to use and can save you a lot of time and hassle.


4. Flush

When you urgently need a bathroom, Flush can help you find the closest public restroom quickly. This app works offline, allowing you to access a database of over 200,000 toilets worldwide. Each listing includes details on disabled access and any fees or keys required. 


5. PlugShare

PlugShare offers the world's most extensive map of charging stations, making it easy to find the nearest spot to charge your electric vehicle (EV). Users can read reviews from other EV drivers about their experiences at various stations, helping you choose the best locations. You can also filter the map to show stations compatible with your vehicle and pay for charging at participating locations directly through the app. 

In conclusion, these five free driving apps can significantly enhance your driving experience, making it more convenient and enjoyable. So, take advantage of these handy apps, and you'll be better equipped to handle whatever the road throws your way, ensuring safer and more efficient journeys. Happy driving!