5 Benefits of Getting Pre-Approval for a Car Loan

5 Benefits of Getting Pre-Approval for a Car Loan

March 19, 2024

Getting pre-approved for a car loan is a crucial step when buying a car. It's a smart money move for any car buyer. Figuring out the type of car you want, its features, and what you can afford can be made easier and less stressful by getting pre-approved for a car loan. 

This blog post will help you understand why pre-approval is beneficial for you.


What is pre-approval?

Pre-approval involves applying for a loan and receiving approval from a lender before you start car shopping at the dealership. It includes sharing details like your income, credit history, and financial information with the lender. The lender then assesses your application to determine if you qualify for a loan and how much you can borrow.


Here are the benefits of getting pre-approval for a car loan:


1. Helps you set a budget

Getting pre-approved for a car loan helps you plan your budget better. Your lender decides the maximum amount you can borrow based on your credit score. 

With pre-approval, you know exactly how much you can borrow and what your monthly payments will be. This helps you focus on cars within your budget, saving time and effort. You won't waste time looking at cars you can't afford.


2. Gives you negotiating power

Securing pre-approval for a car loan enhances your bargaining position at the dealership. Armed with a pre-approved loan offer, you can enter the dealership well-prepared, already having your financing arranged. This helps you to negotiate a better deal for the car you desire. Many dealerships strive to simplify payments and encourage customers to finance with them by providing competitive financing options. Certain dealerships, like Approval Genie, help individuals with bad credit get approved for car financing.


3. Better interest rates

Getting pre-approved for a car loan can help you snag a better interest rate. Lenders check your credit history and score to decide how reliable you are with paying back loans. If your credit is good, you could qualify for lower interest rates, saving you money over time. With a lower rate, you'll pay less in interest charges, leaving more cash in your pocket for other things.

By exploring pre-approval options from different lenders, you can compare interest rates and loan terms. This lets you pick the best deal that could save you lots of money over the loan's life. Shopping around for pre-approval gives you the chance to find an interest rate that fits your budget.


4. Saves time at the dealership

Getting pre-approved for a car loan can save you time at the dealership. Without pre-approval, you might spend hours haggling with the dealership about financing details. However, with pre-approval, you'll arrive with a loan offer ready, expediting the car-buying process considerably. You'll skip the back-and-forth negotiations over financing terms since you already have financing secured.


5. Bypass dealership markups

Even though dealership financing is easy, the salesperson might suggest a plan with a higher interest rate than what your bank or credit union offers. It may not seem like much at first, but accepting this offer could mean spending hundreds more during your loan repayment. 

Without pre-approval, you could be more easily convinced by dealerships using high-pressure sales tactics to force their financing terms on you. Pre-approval puts you in charge of your financing choices.

By getting pre-approved, car buyers can make informed decisions and find the perfect vehicle within their budget. So, before diving into your car-buying journey, remember the significance of getting pre-approved for a car loan to enjoy a smoother, more confident buying experience.