5 Reasons to Buy a Used Rental Car

5 Reasons to Buy a Used Rental Car

March 26, 2024

Purchasing a used rental car might raise concerns about its reliability, given the various drivers it has had. However, these cars frequently become part of used car dealerships' inventory. Rental companies often sell them in bulk, cutting down on upfront inventory costs.

When rental companies sell their cars, it's not necessarily because the vehicles are in poor condition; they're making space for newer models. 

So, while you might hesitate to buy a used rental car due to concerns about how renters treat them, there's also a case for considering them as a viable option.


Here are five reasons to buy a used rental car:


1. Used rental cars may cost less

You can benefit from bulk savings! When rental car companies sell their used inventory, dealerships often purchase them in large quantities. This bulk buying usually leads to significant savings for the dealership, allowing them to offer you better deals.


2. Well-maintained cars

One big plus of buying a used rental car is that they're usually well taken care of. Rental companies want their cars to be in top shape for customers, so they often stick to strict maintenance plans. This means you're more likely to get a car that's been regularly serviced and kept in good condition.


3. Newer models with better features

Rental companies always get new car models to attract customers. This means you might find a fairly new car, often less than two years old, when looking for a used rental car. A newer model can have up-to-date safety features, better gas mileage, and advanced technology.


4. Manufacturers warranty

You might still have warranty coverage! Some rental cars are still under the manufacturer's warranty when they're sold as used. This means you could have protection from unexpected repairs. Just make sure to check the warranty details and see if it can be transferred to you as the new owner.


5. Repair history

When buying from a dealer who got the car from an auction, ask for documents showing what fixes they did on the car and any repair orders they have. Before selling a used car, dealers must make sure it passes the state inspection. By checking the repair orders, you'll see what work was done on the car and get a better idea of what you're getting into.

Be confident in your purchase by getting pre-approved for financing. Knowing your budget helps you find the right car. Used rental cars often have good deals, offering lower prices for fairly new vehicles, saving you money compared to buying a brand-new car that loses value right after leaving the dealership.