Burlington Bad Credit Car Loans

Burlington Bad Credit Car Loans

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Getting Approved for a Bad Credit Car Loan near Burlington is Easy with Approval Genie 

Our goal is to get you back on the road to great credit

Buying a car with bad credit near Burlington can feel like a big waste of time! You could search and inquire with nothing to show for your efforts.

It’s a common story shared by many Canadians in Ontario. You visit dealerships from downtown to the suburbs and everywhere in-between. You might even try a little further from home, checking out Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, London or Toronto searching for that perfect car deal.

Maybe you even find a good car a couple of times. But as soon as it’s auto financing time, your bad credit gets in the way of being approved for a loan and your dream of a new vehicle vanishes into thin air.

Fortunately, with Approval Genie, your search for a new car is over. Now you can find your car and get approved for a Burlington bad credit car loan online, even if you have bad credit!

If you have bad credit and live in Burlington or the Tri-City area, why not save yourself time and frustration by dealing with a leading auto finance team that knows how to help customers with bad credit?

Bad Credit Car Loans in Hamilton
Burlington Bad Credit or No Credit Car Loans from Approval Genie

If you live in the Hamilton region in places like Kitchener, Waterloo, Oakville or even Niagara region, we have new and used cars, trucks, SUV’s and every kind of vehicle to choose from and we’re the best place in the Golden Horseshoe to get bad credit car loans.

If you live further outside Hamilton in places like Grimsby, Oakville, London, St. Catharines or Burlington, it can be even harder to find a used car dealership near you that works with bad credit customers. Approval Genie makes getting approved for your car loan easy even if you have bad credit.

Get a Bad Credit Car Loan near Burlington Online with Approval Genie

We make it easy to get a bad credit car loan near Burlington
If you’ve been declined for a car loan in the past because of bad credit you’ve come to the right place. More than a million Canadians have found reliable vehicles with affordable auto financing with Approval Genie. Our team of trustworthy and industry-leading lending partners will match your auto loan to your budget and lifestyle. Don’t believe us? Check out our car dealership’s reviews on Trustpilot for yourself.

Here’s what to expect when you buy a car with Approval Genie.

We Won’t Take “You’re Declined” as an Answer

Have you been declined a car loan in the past? We feel your pain.

If you’ve been declined for your car loan in the past you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few reasons why Canadians love Approval Genie:

  • We work with ALL credit situations: Bad credit? No credit? No matter where you are on the credit spectrum, we won’t stop working until you’re approved!
  • Easy online application: We have made the online car loan application process fast, simple and easy. It takes less than 30 seconds to complete!
  • Incredibly fast pre-approval: Don’t waste time looking at vehicles you can’t afford. Apply and get pre-approved in the same day!
  • Huge inventory of vehicles: Whether you want a car, truck, van, or SUV, we have locations in most major cities and we have what you’re looking for.
  • Thousands of happy customers: Since 2010, we’ve been helping Canadians find great cars and affordable car loans! But don’t take our word for it; check our car loan and dealership reviews for yourself!
  • $0 money down: If you have bad credit and want to avoid a down payment, we have zero down options for you! It’s all about affordability.
  • Improve and rebuild your credit: One of the best ways to rebuild your credit is with a car loan. We have decades of experience helping rebuild credit – we can help!
  • Canada’s best vehicle inventory: All of our new and used vehicles are safe, reliable and certified. Years of happy driving await you!

How Approval Genie Helps Customers Looking for Bad Credit Car Loans near Burlington

Bad credit is more common than you think and we’ve helped thousands of Canadians find reliable vehicles with affordable vehicle financing. We specialize in helping credit-challenged individuals facing:

  • Missed Payments: Most people have missed a payment or two in their lifetime.
  • No Credit / First-time Borrower: Because everyone has to start somewhere; why not start with an affordable car loan? It’s one of the best ways to improve or rebuild your credit score!
  • Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal: Start fresh and build your credit faster by making payments on a reliable and affordable vehicle.
  • Divorce: It happens to over 50% of marriages. We totally get it.
  • Repossessions: Got a bad deal? Ran into hard times? It happens to a lot of us.
  • New to Canada: Welcome to our beautiful country! Torontonians represent many nationalities and a large percentage weren’t born in Canada. We want to help!

And did you know that once you get approved, a car loan can actually help you rebuild your credit rating? That’s right, auto loans act as stepping stones to a better credit score. And with a better credit rating, you’ll qualify for a better interest rate in the future!

Apply online today for a car loan near Burlington to see how we can help you find a car, secure auto financing and get on the road to a better financial future in 48 hours!

Get Pre-Approved For a Bad Credit Car Loan near Burlington

You could be driving your new vehicle within 48 hours!

Ready to apply? Here’s how it works:

  1. Get Pre-Approved: If you have low or bad credit, we recommend getting pre-approved for a car loan near Burlington as a first step. By getting approved for your car loan now, you’ll know exactly how much auto financing you can secure and you will save a lot of time finding the right vehicle. This pre-approval won’t hurt your credit and there is no obligation to do anything once you receive your approval terms. Get pre-approved now! You don’t need to know your credit score before applying but if you’re interested, you can discover your credit score for FREE using services like Credit Karma.
  2. Start Your Search: Browse our safe and certified inventory at any of our 6 Ontario locations and choose your car. You can sort by year, make, model, features, whatever you decide to easily narrow down your options.
  3. Flexible Payment Methods: We offer industry-leading auto financing options, flexible payments and the best part – you can complete the entire purchase online! You can pay by cash, credit card or bank draft. You can also finance the purchase with your own bank or with us. Enjoy zero down payment financing, and get an instant quote for your trade in your car at Approval Genie.
  4. Get Your Car Delivered: We’ll bring your new car to you, regardless of where you are near Burlington. Once you have chosen your car you can pick a delivery date and time that fits your schedule and we’ll deliver it straight to your doorstep. Then, just sit back and relax!

Get Approved For a Bad Credit Car Loan near Burlington Today

The average car dealership has 20 to 40 vehicles on its lot. Stop wasting time jumping from dealership to dealership, many of which are not equipped to help bad credit customers anyway. Approval Genie has thousands of vehicles to choose from and more arriving every week.

We proved bad credit car loans to all areas surrounding the Hamilton and Niagara region! Apply now and get instant pre-approval in:

So if you’re tired of wasting time and getting declined, apply now for your bad credit car loan! It really is that easy! Approval Genie’s used car dealership near Brantford located at 959 Upper James St, Hamilton.