FINANCIAL FREEDOM IS A NEW SET OF CAR KEYS Bad Credit? We Can Help With Your Bad Credit Car Loans

Good credit can open up a world of possibilities, from owning your own home to taking that vacation you've always wanted to. Learn more about how we can help with bad credit car loans.

Above All Else, We Care.

Get advice from people who have experienced your situation.

Approval Genie’s mantra for clients trying to recover from credit hell is “buy what you need, not what you want”.

We are here to help you improve and rebuild your credit situation, not create another one.

Our mission is to provide clients with the best possible vehicle and car loan that fits their lifestyle and budget.

To discover how we can help fast-track the rebuilding of your credit with bad credit car loans, contact Approval Genie’s used car dealerships in Canada today!

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We care about you and your credit.

bad credit car loans

We’ll help you navigate the road to great credit.

approval genie bad credit car loans

We offer great trade-in value for your car.

The Road To Great Credit Starts Here

We want to get you back on the road to great credit.

Approval Genie challenges our clients to look at the reality of their financial situation.

We also help our clients understand how a healthy respect for credit is beneficial. Not only can it create an opportunity to grow wealth and provide financial freedom. It can serve as a springboard to achieving financial goals such as owning their own home.

Approval Genie has over 40 years of relationship building, history and experience with Canada’s largest financial institutions and lenders, including TD Auto Finance, Scotiabank, Scotia Dealer Advantage, National Bank, Royal Bank, CIBC and other leading banks.

Our strong relationships with accredited banks allow us to get you approved where another business may not.

You’ve Got Options.

We offer excellent trade-in value for your current vehicle.

Approval Genie also offers most clients the option to trade in their vehicle after 12 months, provided that they followed the plan agreed to during the credit consultation meeting, are in good standing with the finance company and life circumstances, at a significantly lower interest rate.

Having the flexibility to trade in the vehicle in 12 months is a benefit to many as you have an opportunity to get a lower interest rate and possibly upgrade your vehicle.